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Property Tax Portal
Decorative Bullet NEW! Now you can pay both Current and Delinquent Property Taxes On-Line!
  Save time, pay online. Just follow these simple steps. Please note this payment option is not available for Unsecured Taxes.

In 4 easy steps, you can complete everything you need to make an online payment:

  1. You will need your six digit PIN number that is located on the left hand side, just below the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Number on your original annual tax bill. This number is also printed on various payment notices issued by the Treasurer and Tax Collector. You must enter this number in order to continue with the processing of your property tax payment. If you do not have your PIN number, please email us at and we will send a copy of the original bill to the address of record. Please note, for security purposes, we cannot reveal your PIN number over the telephone.
  2. Access the Treasurer and Tax Collector's website, and go to Payment Information, Secured Property Tax Payment.
  3. Enter the Assessor's Identification Number to retrieve property tax information; and
  4. Select and follow the instructions on screen. In addition to your PIN number you will need your Bank Account Information to complete and authorize the transaction.
That's it! It is that easy. You've got everything you need to pay the secured property tax online, conveniently, reliably, and securely.
  Posted by Property Tax Portal, Thursday, June 1, 2006

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