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Refunds/Tax Sales/Tax Liens
Why do I have a tax lien on my property?
  If you do not pay your unsecured tax bill by the due date, a penalty of 10% will be charged on the date of the delinquency. Additional penalties and costs will be charged beginning with the first day of the second month after the delinquency date. These penalties include 1.5 % of the base tax each month and a $20.00 collection cost. Beginning with the first day of the third month after the delinquency date, an additional $29.00 will be charged.

In addition to the penalties, a tax lien will be recorded against you. The lien will be attached to every piece of property you own that is located in Los Angeles County. This lien also affects your credit score. Tax Liens are released when a bill is paid in full or whenever the bill is canceled by the Auditor/Controller.

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  Posted by Property Tax Portal, Monday, January 31, 2005
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