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Frequently Asked Questions

Tax Bills
bullet How much do I owe?
bullet How can I get a copy of my current tax bill?
bullet When are the taxes due?
bullet How to avoid penalties by understanding postmarks?
bullet What is a supplemental tax bill?
bullet What causes a supplemental bill?
bullet How do I locate my Assessor's identification number (AIN)?
bullet Why did I receive an unsecured tax bill?
bullet Why did I get an informational tax bill only?
bullet Why did I receive a tax bill when I sold the property?
Refunds/Tax Sales/Tax Liens
bullet How can I find out the amount of my tax bill?
bullet What should I do if I'm expecting a refund?
bullet Can I get information on Tax Sales?
bullet Why do I have a tax lien on my property?
bullet How do I get a tax lien removed from my property?
Property Values
bullet What requirements need to be met to qualify for temporary tax reduction as a result of damage to my property?
bullet After my property is rebuilt or repaired, will my property taxes be increased?
bullet Is there an exclusion for transfers between parents and children? (Proposition 58)
bullet Is property tax relief available for senior citizen's? (Proposition 60 and 90)
bullet Why did my taxes go up more than 2 percent?
bullet What should I do if I do not agree with the Assessor’s value of my property?
bullet What is Homeowners’ Exemption (HOX)?
bullet How can I change my mailing address?
bullet What do I do to obtain a Mobile Home Tax Clearance Certificate?
bullet How do I find the owner of the property?
bullet Can I get information on how to change title?
bullet I no longer own my business, why am I being billed?
bullet Do you have information for new property owners?
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