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Areas of Responsibility

The following list of Areas of Responsibility may help you to determine which department can assist in answering your inquiry.

Assessor  (213)974-3211
Assessed Values Change in Ownership
Exemptions - General Homeowners' Exemption
Senior Citizen Transfer
   (Proposition 60 and 90)
Parent/Child Transfers
   (Proposition 58)
Name/Address Change Property Maps & Data
Supplemental Bills Decline In Value
Boats/Aircraft Business Property Taxes

Auditor/Controller  (213)974-8368
Direct Assessments
     Direct Assessment Contact List
General Tax Levy
Refunds - Change in Taxes Due
    to an Assessor Value Change
Special Districts
Tax Rate Areas
     Tax Rates
Voted Indebtedness

Assessment Appeals Board  (213)974-1471
How to Prepare for your Hearing Current Seminar Schedule
Assessment Appeals Rules  

Treasurer & Tax Collector - Secured Taxes  (213)974-2111
Due Dates Payment Posting
Payment Amounts Tax Bills
Delinquent Taxes Tax Defaulted Properties
Public Auction Refunds - Overpayment of Taxes Due
    (Non Value Related)
Senior Citizen, Blind & Disabled
    Persons Tax Postponement &
    Assistance Programs

Treasurer & Tax Collector - Unsecured Taxes  (213)893-7935
Due Dates Payments
Liens Tax Bills
Refunds-Overpayment of Taxes Due
    (Non Value Related)
Mobile Home Tax Clearance

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